Families and Children

It’s ALL about you! Book your session today! We will take your portraits at a location of your choice – local forest preserve or park, or even your own backyard or living room. We travel within a 25 mile radius of Grayslake, IL. We also have a selection of background choices available right here at our studio as well. It’s up to you!

Clothing Suggestions for Family Sessions

When choosing clothing for your family portrait, it's important that everyone wears complimenting shades of the same color. When everyone is wearing something in the same color family, the clothing will unify the individuals within the photo and pull the attention from the clothing and to the faces of those in the portrait. Once a color tone is decided on, each individual should choose a top that is in the same tonal range so that no individual stands out from the others within the portrait.

When choosing the color theme for your portrait clothing, it's important to consider the background of your portrait. When taking an indoor portrait against a backdrop, medium and dark shades of blue, green and burgundy work best. If you're taking your portraits outdoors, medium shades of purple and blue work best. Light colors or white will work well in a portrait that is set against a light backdrop, but if light colors are worn in a portrait against a dark background it will draw attention away from the faces of those photographed. Bright colors, bold colors and tops with patterns also take away from the portrait, drawing the focus to the clothing rather than the faces.

When choosing a style of clothing to wear for your family portrait, the rule of thumb should be to keep it simple. Simple turtle necks, V-necks or collared shirts work well for family portraits since they all draw attention to the face. All family members should wear long sleeves so that the focus is drawn to the face, rather than to the arms. Any accessories should be very simple and understated so the focus is not on one specific person in the picture. Though there are many outfit ideas to choose from, it is important that they work out well and you get some fabulous family photos. One of the most common suggestions would be to wear clothes in which you are fully comfortable. If you are not comfortable wearing a particular outfit, it will show on the face and you will not get the right expression for the family photograph. If the expressions are not right, naturally the photograph will not be a splendid one.

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